Manage Shop

Merchants and crafters seek our help to free them from tasks that diverts their focus from the things they love. Our service is unique, where you can have your own Brand Manager ready to give you a hand with retail marketing and your day-to-day operations.


Get Help on:

target.png  Retail Strategy

Get help in building your own retail calendar and in conceptualizing strategic marketing campaigns focused on revenue generation and customer loyalty.

calculator  Shop Projections

Building a new shop? Approach new stores logically. Retail is a cash flow business and there is a science in balancing purchase budgets and sales projections that paints a clear picture of your road map. We create shop projections based on over a decade of experience on shop roll-outs and in reviewing new brands for local distribution. We will help you identify your targets, margins and inventory levels.

shop  Shop Product Descriptions 

Attract more shoppers with fresh merchandise. Re-stock staples and accompany them with product descriptions that appeal to the senses.  Sell more by cross-selling, promote a lifestyle rather than just a single product. 

smartphone   Customer Updates and Inquiries

Manage customers easily and engage them with shop updates and promotions. Get help in creating email campaigns, answering customer inquiries and shipment updates.

package  Supplier Ordering 

Don’t miss out on opportunities and act fast when inventory levels are low, our store managers will help manage vendor ordering and track shipments to make sure that your shop is well-stocked.