Build Shop

To be found and be part of a global market, it is fundamental for brands to establish a digital presence. Establishing your own online presence opens opportunities to scale, to cross borders and increases potential for more revenue.

At Road to Retail, we help merchants and crafters open their own e-commerce store. For starters, we have helped merchants open shops in marketplaces. We also create e-commerce shops on readily available platforms and even customize a shop from the ground up. 

How We Help

We help build shops from zero to one and handle all the essential tasks to get your e-commerce up and running.   


Shop Design

We design and build e-commerce sites with your stamp of individuality.                                     


Product Photography

With the help of professional photos styled just right, we make products speak for itself. 


Brand Story, Product Description

We give your brand a voice with original and well-crafted content.



We build shops two ways, one is on available platforms like Shopify or customize shops based on your needs that integrates personalized functions, such as payment gateways, sales reporting, customer database management, inventory management and messaging. 

We have also been helping merchants build their own shops on marketplaces like Etsy.